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Tim Cook sports Nike sneakers custom made for the iPad launch

Tim Cook's custom-made sneakers (Source: Apple via Hypebeast)

Despite all attention being on the new iPad Air and iPad Pro at the "Let Loose" event, Tim Cook wore a pair of Nike sneakers that were designed and made for him specifically for the launch.

Never let it be said that Apple does not sweat the details. Back in 2019 when it launched the Apple Watch Series 5 with its first-ever always-on display, Apple was even specific about who did and did not get to wear one.

It was very simple. If you presented anything during that keynote before the Apple Watch Series 5 was announced, you wore a Series 4 — and everyone afterwards wore a Series 5.

You had to look closely to notice, and you had to wonder why Apple cared so much. But it did care about details then — and it did again with the new "Let Loose" event.

This time, while Tim Cook didn't exactly hide the fact, few people can have been looking down at his feet during the video presentation. But if you did, if you noticed him walking toward camera in Apple Park, you could possibly also have noticed what he was wearing.

Man standing with arms outstretched in a modern hallway with glass walls overlooking green trees.
There's no word on whether the rest of Tim Cook's outfit was custom designed

Cook wore a pair of Nike Air Max 1 '86s. But not just any pair.

This pair featured a wave-like and rainbow-colored pattern, accompanied by decorative stitching. While it was still the Nike swoosh logo, the way it was done was to resemble the lines of a sketch being worked out — just as the Apple Event logo has been doing in the lead up to the launch.

Close-up of a Nike shoe tongue label with the iconic swoosh logo and handwritten text 'made in Pad'.
Just to prove it wasn't all a chance, the sneakers had this credit on them

According to Hypebeast, this is the only time this pair of sneakers will be seen. They will not be sold publicly.