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An eraseable 'Let Loose' event logo teases a new Apple Pencil feature

Users can now "erase" the Apple event logo

Apple has changed its "Let Loose" event logo to include the ability to erase it by dragging a mouse — or presumably a forthcoming Apple Pencil — across it.

The "Let Loose" event already had a series of artwork logos, with the primary one including the image of a hand holding an Apple Pencil. Now that same primary image has an added facet in that first it appears as a line-art sketch as if being worked out in rough by an artist.

Then as before, it animates in to full color, including a moving hand sweeping in with the Apple Pencil to take center stage in the logo. Now, though, dragging a cursor over the logo erases it.

The logo can't be quite fully erased before it changes into the next of the original sequence, but it's close. Then none of the subsequent logos feature the working-out sketch, but they can all be erased.

It's believed that the new Apple Pencil will be a replacement for the high-end Apple Pencil (second generation) model, which was introduced in 2018. Recently, code discovered in the iPadOS 17.5 developer beta points to a series of new gestures involving squeezing the Pencil.

The Apple Pencil (third generation) follows the second generation, but also the first, which is still on sale and needed to work with older iPads. In 2023, Apple introduced the lower-cost Apple Pencil (USB-C), which resembles the second generation model, but has no pressure sensitivity, and charges via USB-C instead of wirelessly.

Apple's "Let Loose" event will be streamed live at 7:00am Pacific, 10:00am Eastern.