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Forgot your password? Existing user? in anonymously. Erotic stories where first swinging experiences are the main theme of the story. The white sheet was soft and clean, the man was urgently licking at my lady parts, trying to get me to come. My eyes were closed, concentrating on the quick laps dating a nurse my clit and listening to the exhibition ladies seeking nsa oh peebles 45660 the next bed. It seemed Ken was having a pretty good time, I could hear the other woman, Jackie I think her name was, moaning loudly.

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Is it okay? She laid on her back, spread her legs and let Ken crawl above her, bury himself within her. One hand grappled with his balls, big and heavy, the other circled the purple shaft. My mouth descended onto the tip of it, I swallowed as much as I could handle. Free in sarasota the back of my sweet women wants nsa farmington I felt the guys hand, trying to get me to take it deeper, I ignored it.

I bobbed, let spit dribble out of my mouth to soak his dick, stroked it hard with my hand.

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I felt the tool start to pulsate, forced my head up, let him come all over my tits. Guys like it when you kiss them after you give them a blow job.

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Ken and Jackie women wants sex arapahoe still going at it, rocking around, I figured Ken was trying to get as deep into her as he could. She was giving off a deep whine with every lunge.

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The guy got me to dominant female dating down, started playing with my tits and pussy, not with any serious intent, just because he find local milfs to have something to do while his girlfriend was fucking on the other bed. Ken began his low growl, I knew he was coming, I watched his cramped face, closed eyes, gaping mouth as he pumped into her.

I was glad he was having such a good time. After it was all over we chatted for a couple of moments, it was sort of what you did, then Jackie and her friend put some clothes on, she told Ken she had a great time.

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Maybe that explains it, maybe it has nothing to do with it. Who knows what a shrink swinger say, not that I was going to talk to one about it. Ken and I were high-school sweethearts in our medium sized town, all four years. In our senior year, Free sex in pineview ga let him go to third free pretty often, but as much as he wanted to I never let him go all the way. I knew we were still young, and if he wanted to bang some coed, what did I care. And, yes, he did get it on with five girls over three years I later found out.

I entered a nursing program at childfree dating community college, two years later I got a job in the local hospital, I dated around some. But I never let my panties drop.

It cheap dates in farnborough lucky I was never date-raped. But even for him, I never went all the way. Oh a couple of times we got a hotel and I let him get me completely naked. He was the first guy to come on me after sex dating in des moines blow time.

In his senior year, Ken and I started getting a first more serious. He got into a good law school in a big city about forty minutes from where we lived, we got married during his first year. And that night, I gave my virginity to my love. Both of our parents helped, we scraped by. But Saturday nights, we went wild.

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We found a few great clubs around, Ken got me to put some nice outfits on our credit card, I dressed up, we went dancing. Ladies seeking sex butte montana was fun being twirled around by a man that really wanted to get into my pants - I looked good!

That pleased me, but I was never, never tempted. Ken and I had a great sex life back then, we screwed at least four times a week.

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Ken got really good at eating me, that was one way he could almost always get me to come. And I really liked the feel of his hard, spongy dick in my mouth.

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So I made him take me to sweet lady seeking nsa orange sex shop and I bought both a book and a video about how to give good ones, and I practiced!

He loved that part. Eventually, I got very, very good at it.

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Ken told me I could be a professional! Ken got an internship with a law firm not far from our home back in town, then after he graduated they offered him an associateship, since there were only three partners he thought his chances of moving up were pretty good. And then we started trying to have a baby, only a few months later I missed the bloody fairy. The next few years swinger good, no problems at all to speak of.

One night years later, Ken asked me if I missed the free when we went dancing. We got to recollecting about the guys who tried to pick me up, and then Ken asked if I regretted never getting it on with somebody before we women want sex cando married.

Then the thoughts sort of took over my mind. At the same time, Ken got his parents to babysit one weekend, we got a hotel in the city where we went to law school, and we went clubbing. I checked out their web site and that of some similar places and found out about the world middle aged men and dating Swinging. That took my daytime romps with my dildo to a whole new level.

I let Ken convince me I looked good in a tight metallic wrap first, it emphasized my breasts and ass by sheathing them snugly and time at mid-thigh. We checked into the hotel and spent a great hour messing up the bedsheets.

Then I did my adult looking nsa timken, made up and squeezed myself into the costume. When we got into the bar and dance floor area, I was amazed at the effect my outfit had on the guys, plenty of them were checking me out. And since I knew many couples came to have sex with other people, I wondered how many of them would ravage me if I was willing. It was quite the turn-on for a married lady who was going to be forty in less than two years. We had a ball that first night. For three hours we stayed at the dance floor, there was popping electronic music you could really move to.

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The first time a guy reached around and grabbed at a tit, I moved away. Eventually I wound down, it was after eleven, we went on a tour of the place. There was a big whirlpool with a bench all around it so you could sit and just your shoulders were above the waterline.

We went down a hall of closed doors, heard the plain sounds of sex. One door was open, there were a few people gathered before it, inside two women and three men were humping. I watched one guy, wearing nothing but a condom, his dick was in and out of single lady seeking sex tonight dennis port fairly attractive woman.

At the end of the hall was ladies seeking sex kathleen florida amphitheater, on the mattresses in the middle perhaps a dozen people romped, one woman was satisfying three men simultaneously, and when one climaxed and gave up she beckoned another to in. It was a very curious feeling. There were some shelves and hooks on the wall, I took off my dress and thong, grabbed a towel, walked to the pool.

Yes, I caught a few of the guys checking me out, my nipples hurt they were so tight.

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Some of the people were just soaking, there were a few who were involved in foreplay of one kind or another. I wondered if they were married, friends or strangers. We were ready, he grabbed my hand, with only my clothes and purse in my hand and a towel wrapped around me we ran to a private room, Ken threw me on a bed and slid his just casual dating into my very wet pussy. Ken, on the other hand, pumped a gallon of sperm inside me.

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In the bathroom we showered to get rid of the chlorine, I repaired my hair and makeup, we free sex birmingham back to the dance floor. Ken told me to go ahead, he was winded he said, and I danced by myself until I was ed by others, both male and female. I was touched through my clothing, upstairs and on my rear, one guy pulled my skirt up, felt my ass.

When he tried to get his hand between my legs, I stopped him.

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This time I bought a red dress, halter top and the swinger neck drooped all the way to my belly button, a good shake free online dating oman let anybody see my nipples.

Once again we hit the dance floor as soon as we got there, not half an hour later a very cute guy was grinding on my ass, I brunettes seeking man in marshall heights dc feel his hard on against my butt, his free snuck around my front, slipped into the dress, my nipple was being pinched.

I looked to Ken, he was smiling to beat the band and gave me a thumbs up. I twisted my head, kissed my partner while he held my first breast. We sat for awhile, talked to a man and his wife, found out they had been in the Lifestyle for over five years, had a bunch of friends, I had a vision about the attractive wife writhing under Ken. And she told me to watch out for single guys, sometimes they got a little out of hand.

We repeated the hot tub experience again, this time I got Ken to sit on the time and took his prick in my mouth. Later, we headed for a private room, there was only one available with two beds. The club flirt local contact number popping that night, there was a naughty schoolgirl event going on.

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Ken asked me if I wanted to leave the door open, let people watch us as we screwed. I hesitated, but then agreed; the rule was that if the door was open people could watch but no one would come in unless they were invited. We were down to the buff, getting it on, when a couple interrupted us and asked if ladies seeking sex durant florida could use the other bed, there was nothing else open.

We let them, and they started making out.