Wesley Hilliard

Rumor Expert

Wesley Hilliard always had an appreciation for modern technology, so he did the only natural thing and joined the military. He was selected for Nuclear Power training pipeline — the most academically challenging pipeline in the US military. Following two years of schooling, he served as a Nuclear Power Electrician for a total of 10 years in the US Navy.

In those 10 years of service, he learned the skills needed to research complex subject matter and relay that information in a digestible manner to untrained officers and civilians. While at the same time gaining an appreciation for things that "just work."

His training from start to finish relied on the idea that you need to have an intimate knowledge of something in order to know how it operates, so while in the Navy, he began applying this to his love of technology.

After owning a dozen Android devices and Windows laptops over the course of his early military career, Wesley landed on the iPhone and Mac. The concept of digital privacy, device ecosystems, and strong device security was new to consumer technology at the time, but he became captivated by the ideas Apple presented.

During his final years in the military, Wesley spent his free time studying the Apple ecosystem and what made it tick. He applied the same level of scrutiny he learned from studying nuclear power to learning about everything related to Apple and technology. This led to Wesley's desire to write and educate people about the technology that they use every day.

Wes can be heard on the AppleInsider Podcast every other week. He's also partly responsible for the large database of "Insider" pages that teach you everything you need to know about Apple.