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The 'Let Loose' event was the first to be edited on iPad using Final Cut Pro

Shot on iPhone, edited on iPad

For the first time, Apple has used the iPad to edit some of the footage of one of its Apple Events to showcase the powerful capabilities of its tablet lineup.

On Tuesday, Apple held its 'Let Loose' event, which largely served to introduce its new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. During the event, Apple touted the filming and editing capabilities of the iPad Pro.

The company showcased how the iPad Pro, paired with Final Cut Pro, can be used for both filming and editing. Final Cut Pro now allows up to four individual iPhones or iPads to be synced to an iPad Pro via the new Final Cut Camera app.

At the end of the event, the end card confirmed that the event was shot on iPhone and was edited on Mac... and iPad. The company notes that all presenters, locations, and aerial footage were shot on iPhone.

This marks the second event to be shot entirely on iPhone. October 2023's "Scary Fast" event was the first Apple Event to be entirely shot on iPhone — specifically the iPhone 15 Pro Max.