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Macs, iPad mini, and big AI announcements are not coming at Apple's iPad event

While Apple's "Let Loose" event is to be dedicated to the iPad, there will be more — and yet there are also many devices Apple will hold back for later.

New iPad Air and iPad Pro models are coming on May 7, 2024, and for once Apple has been a little more upfront about what to expect. While strictly speaking there has been no mention of the iPad, regulatory filings show new models are coming soon — and Apple does single out the Apple Pencil.

So it seems inevitable that this event will focus on the iPads, the first update to the range since October 2022 for the iPad Pro, and March 2022 for the iPad Air. According to Bloomberg, the expected Apple Pencil will replace the high end model from 2018, the Apple Pencil (2nd generation).

The report also backs up prior expectation that Apple will announce a new Magic Keyboard for its iPads.

Significantly, though, there are devices and updates that could be ready, but will not launch on May 7.

Unsurprisingly, the Mac tops the list as those don't generally get included with iPad launches. However, the Mac is also generally the first to get a new processor, and this time there are rumors that the forthcoming M4 will instead launch in the iPad Pro on May 7.

There's no sign, though, that this event could really turn out to be an M4 launch, with both iPads and Macs adopting the new processor.

Also, users waiting for an updated iPad mini will reportedly be disappointed at the event. This fits with how regulatory filings have only revealed four models of iPad, which are expected to be the iPad Air and iPad Pro in two different sizes each.

The iPad mini was last updated in 2021, which is even longer ago than either the iPad Air or the iPad Pro. Reportedly, Apple is working on an updated version, but it won't be released at "Let Loose."

Then lastly, as much as AirPods seem like a natural fit with the iPad, the claim is that Apple believes these more sit with iPhone launches. So despite Apple reportedly working on lower-cost AirPods, these will not be launched now either.

Apple is expected to make a brief mention of AI in its 30-minute presentation mostly for marketing purposes. Large-scale releases or demonstration of features aren't expected.

Apple is holding its "Let Loose" event at 7 A.M. Pacific on Monday, May 7, 2024, which is around three hours earlier than usual. Apple similarly pushed back the start of its "Scary Fast" to much later in the day than normal.

Friday's report speculates that the earlier start for "Let Loose" is in order for the live stream to suit audiences in China. It may, though, just be that Apple has a new PR person who has realised changing event times gets the launches some extra attention.

AppleInsider will be covering the "Let Loose" event as it happens. Users can also watch the live stream online, or across Apple devices.