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iPhone 17 Pro rumored to get 12GB of RAM

The Dynamic Island cutout could get smaller in future models

A new rumor suggests the iPhone 17 Pro, due in 2025, will increase to 12GB of RAM and have a more narrow Dynamic Island cutout.

Apple won't reveal the iPhone 16 lineup until September 2024, but that hasn't stopped rumors from starting about next year's iPhone 17. Little has been shared about the device so far, but Apple has been researching ways to hide components under the display for years.

According to a note from analyst Haitong International Securities Jeff Pu, Apple will increase the pro model's RAM to 12GB in 2025. Plus, Pu believes that Apple could make the pill that expands to form the Dynamic Island smaller with new technology.

The iPhone 15 lineup has 8GB of RAM, and the iPhone 16 lineup is expected to retain that number. A move up to 12GB in iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max would allow improved multitasking and more powerful applications on the devices.

Pu mentions the Dynamic Island could become more narrow thanks to adopting a smaller meta lens for the Face ID system. Other rumors have indicated Apple will shrink the cutout by hiding components under the display, like the selfie camera.

Both of these rumors from Pu aren't exactly surprises. They are obvious developments that could be arrived at with guesswork.

Pu has a history of providing outlandish or incorrect rumors. This iPhone 17 Pro rumor scores a possible since it is a clear next move from Apple, but nothing has been confirmed by more reliable sources just yet.

Apple will reveal the iPhone 17 lineup in September 2025. It will be easier to predict what is expected for those models after the iPhone 16 launches in the fall.