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How to watch Apple's 'Let Loose' iPad Air & iPad Pro event

How to watch the 2024 iPad event

Apple's May iPad "Let Loose" event is right around the corner. Here's how to watch it, live.

On April 23, Apple announced a special event scheduled for May 7, titled "Let Loose." The company also teased the event's focus with images of stylized Apple logos featuring a hand holding an Apple Pencil.

Apple has not updated the iPad lineup significantly since October 2022, aside from an Apple Pencil refresh in November 2023.

The 2024 iPad event is set to showcase the latest advancements and models in Apple's iPad series. It will be packed with announcements that include new hardware specifications, software features, and a glimpse into the future of iOS.

Rumors suggest that the iPad Pro might be outfitted with OLED displays, enhancing visual output with better color accuracy and energy efficiency. Additionally, a new M3 chip could be introduced with improved performance.

The iPad Air won't be left behind, though — it's expected to feature expanded size options and adopt mini-LED technology from its Pro counterpart. Enhanced Apple Pencil functionalities are also anticipated, which could revolutionize user interaction with the devices.

How to watch the "Let Loose" iPad event

You can catch the event live on Apple's website. Visit at the scheduled event time at 7:00am Pacific, 10:00am Eastern. For the best viewing experience, Apple recommends using Safari, but other major browsers like Chrome and Firefox will also support the livestream.

For an immersive experience, you can watch the event through the Apple TV app. The app is available on Apple devices and most smart TVs, streaming boxes, and gaming consoles. Additionally, subscribing to Apple's YouTube channel is a great way to get notified when the event goes live.

Apple's 2024 iPad event on May 7 will be a landmark occasion for technology enthusiasts. From the possible integration of OLED screens in the iPad Pro to the introduction of the M3 chip for enhanced performance, iPad users have upgrades to look forward to.