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iPhone 15 Find My shows Mandalorians the way in latest Apple ad

A Boba Fett cosplayer in Apple's video

Apple has marked "Star Wars" Day with a new ad, featuring Boba Fett finding his fellow Mandalorians with an iPhone 15.

May the Fourth is known as "Star Wars Day," and Apple has decided to celebrate it in a video. Published to YouTube on Friday, the ad spot offers a look at how the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro could help cosplayers meet up.

The video takes viewers through a meet-up of Star Wars fans, following one dressed as Boba Fett. After leaving home, he is seen visiting a Boba tea shop, before boarding a bus and walking past a family of Jawas on his way.

Surrounded by people, he is sent the location of his friends via a group chat in Messages. Find My shows the location, before bringing up the Precision Finding feature to find his group in the crowd.

The video ends with a nodding dance, the message to "Find your Friends," and that it's all done with the iPhone 15.

Throughout the video are references to Star Wars, some more obvious than others.

There are many cosplayers and other items such as R2-D2 from the Star Wars universe, as well as a cat called Leia. There are also references to the 501st, a legion of cosplayers specializing in Imperial forces and Mandalorians.

Precision Finding within AirTag was originally introduced alongside the AirTag. With the release of the iPhone 15, the feature was expanded to allow users to find other iPhone users.