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Apple Vision Pro a big hit in enterprise

Apple Vision Pro is making a splash in enterprise

During the Apple earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared that half of Fortune 100 companies have purchased Apple Vision Pro units.

Apple Vision Pro is the first spatial computer from Apple and has proven to be a controversial entry in the product lineup. It launched in February 2024, and very little has been shared about how it is selling.

There isn't a line item in Apple's earnings for Apple Vision Pro, but CEO Tim Cook shared a tidbit of interest during the Q2 earnings call. He said Apple Vision Pro has been purchased by half of Fortune 100 companies.

Enterprise markets have been a target by competing headsets like the now defunct Microsoft Hololens. Despite the expected pundit dismissal of Apple Vision Pro as a glorified dev tool, it seems to have at least penetrated the enterprise.

Later in the call, CFO Luca Maestri revealed some of the enterprise uses for Apple Vision Pro. Those include Aircraft engine design at KLM Airlines, team collaboration at Porsche, and kitchen design at Lowe's.

It is also being used to develop spatial computing apps for the platform. We've already seen apps from companies like Gucci that take advantage of Vision Pro features.

At the conclusion of the earnings call, an analyst managed to slip in one final question about Apple Vision Pro and enterprise use. Cook is impressed by how enterprise use of Apple Vision Pro has a pattern similar to the Mac — it's being used for everything.

"People are using it for many different things in enterprise, and that varies from field service, to training, to health care related things like preparing a doctor for pre-op surgery or advanced imaging, control centers, and so it's an enormous number of different verticals," Cook said. "And our focus is on growing that ecosystem and getting more apps and more and more enterprises engaged, and the event that we had recently, I can't overstate the enthusiasm in the room."

The $3,500 face computer isn't for everyone, but it has found a niche early in its life cycle. Expect to hear more about Apple Vision Pro during WWDC in June when Apple reveals visionOS 2.0.