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Apple reversed its stock trajectory for the year in 30 minutes

Apple's share price has risen following its latest earnings report

Apple stock was having a tough year after some early gains — until investors erased the loss after Thursday's earnings report.

Investment firm Bernstein was right when it told clients to buy Apple stock because it was at an attractive low price. At the close of trading on Thursday, Apple's shares were at $173.03

In aftermarket trading, they have increased. A lot.

At time of writing, the share price is $185.75 and generally rising. By comparison, at the start of 2023, the price was $185.64.

This is not the highest that the share price has risen to during the year, as it previously peaked at $195.81. The lowest was around $165.84 in late April 2024.

But in a quarter where most analysts such as JP Morgan, and even the generally bullish Morgan Stanley have been cutting their Apple price targets.

Analysts have consistently predicted that Apple's share could recover, but all expected it to happen after the expected AI announcements at WWDC 2024 in June.