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20.3-inch MacBook with foldable screen rumored to hit store shelves in 2027

A generated image of a foldable MacBook concept

A new leak suggests Apple's only foldable with a development schedule and release is a 20.3-inch MacBook that would enter mass production in 2027.

Apple's first foldable could be a MacBook instead of an iPad or iPhone. Save your jokes — we already know the MacBook folds shut with hinges.

A post on X from Ming-Chi Kuo states that rumors around Apple mass producing a foldable iPhone or iPad by 2026 are not accurate. Instead, Apple's only foldable with a development scheduled is a 20.3-inch MacBook due in 2027.

Kuo's post lines up with previous reports about Apple's foldable plans. In this case, the "foldable" part of the MacBook isn't hinges but the display itself.

A different leaker called Revegnus replied to state it was actually a 20.25-inch foldable. That display size was previously reported by The Elec in 2022 with a 2027 release window.

That report suggested it would fold shut into a 15.3-inch device, which is similar to existing MacBook display sizes. The top half would be a display, and the bottom half could display a software keyboard or other content.

Timelines from rumors have since shifted, with a different Elec report suggesting a foldable could arrive as soon as 2025, followed by Ross Young echoing that.

Something is going on with Apple's foldable development as another report suggested Samsung had reshuffled its organization to prioritize improving technology for Apple's foldable.

Ming-Chi Kuo tends to use placeholder names when describing future products. A 20.3-inch folding display may not be called MacBook at all. It could even be classified as an iPad if it has an all-touch surface.

This rumor is rated possible due to Ming-Chi Kuo's accuracy when dealing with the supply chain.

Time will tell if any of these rumors come true, but where there's smoke, there's fire. Apple is clearly working on folding technology, but what form it takes and when is still in question.